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Breaking the Ice
on Defi!

ICEDOGE is here!

What is Icebreak-R

ICEBRK token is the governance and utility token for the IceBreak-R Network, a social media driven NFT-marketplace and DeFi ecosystem. Each transaction generates static token rewards to holders, Liquidity Pool acquisition and token burns. Additionally a small portion of the transaction fees will be donated to charity as well as go towards funding the development of the IceBreak-R dApp, to ensure project longevity.

Using the ICEBRK token, users will be able to interact with a world of NFT art within the IceBreak-R dApp, use the dApp to organize and attend virtual gatherings at real events using the exclusive MiddleGround feature, create and market their own NFTs which capture & monetize real-life experiences. Future project expansion potentially includes developing a P2P lending & prediction market utilizing the ICEBRK token as well as integrating IceBreak-R Dating and premium tier profiles for accessing select dApp features.

What is ICEBRK?
1 million total Supply

Transfer tax with every transaction

Each transaction rewards token holders directly to their wallets

Every transaction burns tokens by sending them to the burn address

A portion of each transaction goes to providing liquidity pool tokens to the smart contract

Charity funds are donated to Binance Charity Foundation in the form of BNB

A small portion goes to funding ongoing DApp development

Icebreak-r DApp
Socially driven web 3.0 DApp utilizing ICEBRK tokens
Break the ICE
Meet new people, discover local events and make connections
NFT Marketplace
Integrated NFT’s so you can capture and “mint the moment”
Every Transaction Donates to Charity
Binance Charity Foundation
“The Charity Wallet is designed for donors who do not specify the donation projects and allow BCF to distribute the fund accordingly. Our blockchain-based system will allow people to track the flow of financial transactions with transparency. Our team will perform professional and rigorous due diligence to select projects and on-ground collaborative organizations, ensuring that the social impact of each currency unit will be maximized. On behalf of the end-beneficiaries, we would like to express our thankfulness for your generosity.” -BCF
On Fantom
Secure and quick transactions on BSC using Metamask or Trust Wallet
Decentralized Web 3.0 Wallets
Social Network
Governance platform utilizing ICEBRK tokens
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q2 2021
– Project launch on DXSale pre-sale ✓
– ICEBRK DAO Formation ✓
– Begin advanced development of the IceBreak-R dApp ✓
– Apply for CMC, Coingecko, Blockfolio ✓
– Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko ✓
Q3 2021
– Develop prediction markets ✓
– NFT Marketplace development begins ✓
– TechRate Smart Contract Audit ✓
– Expand marketing and apply for other exchanges
Q4 2021
– NFT Marketplace Beta Release
– Integrate NFT minting into merchandise development
– Release IceBreak-R dating profiles feature
– Ice Wall and Ice Locker release

– P2P Lending and collateralized loans using ICEBRK token network
– Integration of IceBreak-R Wallet
Icebreak-R DApp
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Our Team
CEO Founder/Lead Developer
COO Head of Product Operations
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