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The IceBreak-R project has completed it’s very first donation of 0.72405136 BNB tokens (approximately $208.24 USD) to the the Binance Charity Foundation ( on 6/26/21, using their donation page. The transaction is recorded below:
Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan
0x9c642310e2d4b181fe7a65c7e81dbc7838dd0c59b2c4f86ba9aeeab9502b9a38 22 hrs 7 mins ago (Jun-27-2021 03:51:02 AM +UTC) To… (

We intend to continue sending weekly contributions to the BCF donation wallet (0x8b99f3660622e21f2910ecca7fbe51d654a1517d) during our Saturday night Governance meetings, using all of the funds that have accumulated in our Gnosis multi-signature charity wallet over the course of the week.
IceBreak-R charity donation wallet address (multi-signature): 0x25cAbBa8a55d074ed203Eb90c7288911e33BbB18

About the Binance Charity Wallet:
“The Charity Wallet is designed for donors who do not specify the donation projects and allow BCF to distribute the fund accordingly. Our blockchain-based system will allow people to track the flow of financial transactions with transparency. Our team will perform professional and rigorous due diligence to select projects and on-ground collaborative organizations, ensuring that the social impact of each currency unit will be maximized. On behalf of the end-beneficiaries, we would like to express our thankfulness for your generosity.” — BCF

IceBreak-R Team
Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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