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This week’s ICEBRK DAO governance meeting was especially important because we made our first round picks for the newly formed Governance Committee (GovCom). In our Discord channel ( you will see we have created several rooms dedicated to our governance topics, with a brand new *hidden* room- the IceBox. Inside the IceBox the GovCom performs its most sacred duties and also shares forbidden knowledge, such as creating new proposals, granting early access to insider presales and whale trading tips. We also created the role “Ice Explorers” for the GovCom members to distinguish them from the Ice Infantry and allow us to tag only those with that role.

So the major topics we discussed this week were:

  1. Merchandise shop ideas
  2. Roadmap updates
  3. Setting up new proposals and all the parameters
  4. Weekly GovCom meetings on Saturday at 8PM PST and weekly votes or proposal debates
  5. Governance role (Ice Explorers) addition
  6. IceBox rules and exclusivity to the GovCom only
  7. Adding new Discord emojis for fun
  8. Making first round picks for the GovCom members

Within the next week the team expects to debut the ICEBRK merchandise store for the community to check out. There will be some hats, shirts, sweaters all sporting the IceBreak-R logo or the mascots. The next thing we intend to do this week is update the roadmap to show what has been completed so far and add or adjust some other items. There is so much coming on the horizon and we are excited to keep innovating day in and day out.

During the governance meeting I outlined all of the rules and protocols for the GovCom to create new proposals for the IceBreak-R project. First, in order to become a GovCom member you need to be holding at least 2 Trillion ICEBRK tokens in your wallet address. Once you have been chosen and whitelisted, and assigned the special Discord role, then you may create new governance proposals on our governance platform ( Simply connect your wallet and then click on the left side menu- this does not seem to have mobile functionality yet so if there are any proposals you would like to pass then DM the team.

Proposals will be created as needed or desired by the GovCom and there will be certain procedures for different types of proposals. For example, we will have spending proposals where you can apply for a grant from the ICEBRK DAO to fund certain ideas or ventures for the project. We will hold weekly meetings every Saturday at 8PM PST to ensure that we keep the community involved in the DAO process.

To further reward and incentivize participation in the GovCom we have created a hidden room on Discord, with access granted only to the committee members. This IceBox room is where we divulge secret information and share insider tips for trading and presales. The information shared within the IceBox is not to be spoken about in other channels!

At the end of the meeting this weekend I made my first round picks for the GovCom members:

  • AlexanderKerm
  • FireStar
  • Djritz0
  • Leroy — added after the meeting
  • Choko Da Savage Legend — added after the meeting
  • Matthew (Unorgmilitia) — added after the meeting

Anyone else who is interested please DM @HotsauceIsLethal in Telegram. You must have at least 2T tokens to be allowed into the GovCom.

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