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What a long week for the IceBreak-R team! We have been putting our noses to the grindstones on this project nonstop. Every day since the migration we have had extensive team meetings to innovate and discuss our plan of attack. Each of these meetings seems to produce even more valuable ideas we could add onto our project. Of course the first people to hear about these ideas is our GovCom in the ICEBOX, the place where we cook up most of our community fueled thoughts.

This week’s meeting was a very low turnout so we didn’t discuss too many topics:

1. GovCom exclusive pre-sale access coming up this week

2. New developments like ICEWALL, NFT Market and ICESHOP pageholders

3. Deleting test proposals and creating three new real proposals

4. Naming the mascots and raising the transaction burn rate were the two main topics of discussion for the remainder of the meeting

5. Charity Donation on 4th of July

As you already know if you’re in the Governance Committee (GovCom) we have lined up a series of pre-sales for the community to take part in. This is to allow our innermost circle to have access to some fresh new tokens hitting the market before other people even get the chance to hear about them. If you would like to join the GovCom you must hold at least 2 Trillion ICEBRK tokens and be whitelisted. Contact either Crypto305 or Lethal for more information.

We also discussed the newest website additions: ICEWALL, ICESHOP and NFT Market. The ICEWALL is going to be a crypto-hub where users can go to find out information and review on some new or existing crypto projects. The ICEWALL will also serve as another usecase for ICEBRK and source of revenue for the project. The ICESHOP will of course be our IceBreak-R themed merchandise shop where users will be able to pick up the latest swag with our logos or mascot on them. Of course the NFT Market is where users will be able to mint their own NFT tokens and utilize our ICEBRK token economy. There are a few other additions that we have not yet been able to add placeholders for but will be adding in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those as well. More information will be given out about these new features as we get closer to release…

This week I cleared out both of the old test proposals that were still showing and wrote three new real proposals for the project. For starters I went with something a little lighter- naming the mascots once and for all. The team went through the list of all the Telegram chat suggestions as well as synonyms for “cold names”. Check out the final choices at our page here: ICEBRKDAO

The last proposal that I threw in there at the very end was one to potentially increase the burn rate for the ICEBRK token from the current 0%. It turned out to be quite a contentious race with the vote changing many different times and swinging wildly. Remember that every single ICEBRK token holder can have their voice and vote heard for free because does not even cost any gas to use.

Finally to round out the 4th of July holiday weekend the IceBreak-R team completed our second weekly donation to the Binance Charity Foundation in the amount of 1.57 BNB or approximately $490 USD at the time: (View transaction ID here)

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