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Yet another slow week for crypto but a very productive week for the IceBreak-R project. Our team is pleased to announce the launch of our IceShop merchandise store as well as some major breakthroughs on our NFT market development. The governance meeting turned into a 1-on-1 developer meeting where we discussed the current situation of the market, our token and roadmap milestones and upcoming work schedule.
Topics discussed this week:
1) IceWall marketing page
2) Potental staking contract in the future, pros and cons
3) NFT Marketplace alpha testing
4) Blog page and social media handler
6) More merchandise idea
7) Governance proposal idea- changing prediction round timers is going to feature tons of exciting new updates over the next few months. Currently we are putting together a marketing and resource page called the IceWall. This will be a place where you can check out in depth reviews of projects, along with all of the website information and social links in one place. We will also feature some select crypto advertising partners on this page which will generate an additional revenue source for the project.

There has also been a lot of buzz in the crypto space over these lottery style staking contracts where people can win large jackpots as well as claiming staking yields. These kinds of contracts pose quite a few technical challenges, not to mention legal and regulatory. We have been seriously discussing the possibility of implementing some sort of staking contract for ICEBRK token holder in the future but we want to focus on our main roadmap milestones first and foremost.

Our primary focus going forward is the development of the NFT marketplace where users will be able to mint their very own NFT tokens then sell, auction or send them to other people within the dapp. This segment of the project will be the basis of our expansion into the crypto metaverse, where we may eventually be able to utilize technology such as VR galleries. We have been successfully minting and transferring our NFTs on the testnet this whole week- now to work on the user interface before we launch it for the community.

Soon we will integrate a native blog page on the IceBreak-R website where users can follow the social media posting, rather than having to bounce around to different pages. We have also onboarded a part time social media handler who has been helping with some of the social media posting while we focus on other areas of development. While not a full time member of the team, he has been very important to relieve the daily workload for us.
Another important development coming to IceBreak-R is the addition of the swap bridges page. This resource page will not only drive more traffic to the website but it will provide a plethora of tools for our community to utilize on their crypto journey. We have six different bridges ready to list and will be adding more as they are created or discovered. Currently the networks supported will be: Matic, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Hive, Fantom, Heco, HSC and xDAI

At the end of the meeting we proceeded to finish working on some merchandise ideas then listed them for the community to see. More items will be coming as soon as we have received the samples and can verify quality.
This week I thought of one project change we could make, which I will defer to a governance proposal of course. With the rollout of the ICEBRK Prediction markets we have found that 8 hour round timers are too short and in order to draw in more players and have larger pots we should do daily rounds instead. Pending governance vote we will change the rounds from 8 hours to 24 hours per round.
Then the team completed the weekly donation to Binance Charity Foundation ( in the amount of 1.10467 BNB ($315.36).

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